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Matrimonial/Infidelity Investigations "Cheating Spouse"
Do you have suspicions that your spouse, future spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend are cheating or committing adultery?

Matrimonial/Infidelity Investigations or more commonly referred to as “CHEATING SPOUSE” investigations are conducted regularly be our agency. These types of investigations are conducted for our clients for numerous reasons. Some clients simply utilize our services for peace of mind and others are looking to protect their assets, gain custody of children or are in need of irrefutable, undeniable proof of the indiscretions. Many times your suspicions are validated and can lead to separation and divorce. The documented evidence that we acquire through our investigation is handled with the utmost confidentiality. Many times we are called to produce and testify and your behalf and to validate the evidence that was acquired during our investigation.

We know that when a person suspects a loved one of indiscretions that it can be an extremely emotional a troubling time. Our investigation will proceed in a discreet and confidential manner giving you peace of mind while maintaining the dignity of you and your family at all times.

Call us for a free consultation. We will conduct a preliminary interview and thoroughly discuss your situation. After our preliminary interview we will then decide if your case warrants investigation and together discuss the best course of action to take to solve your problem. Call and begin the process that can stop the pain and anxiety of not knowing the truth. We serve Nassau & Suffolk County of Long Island and are always willing to go to New York City to conduct your investigation.
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Child Custody
Child Custody Investigations are generally conducted on behalf of a client through their attorney. Custody of children may be disputed by both married and unmarried couples who have minor children. This includes married couples who separate, but do not divorce and unmarried parents who claim custody by virtue of their biological rights. Child custody cases can also involve parents of children who have never have never lived together as a family.

Our investigators will assist attorney’s in developing a child custody case by conducting interviews of potential witnesses who may be friends of the family, baby sitters, in-laws, teachers, child care individuals and any other party that might have had contact with the family or children to develop pattern of parenting. We will develop the evidence needed by conducting undercover cover surveillance if warranted. Custody is based on the best interest of the child or children. Our Long Island, New York investigators will provide the information to your attorney to successfully argue your case so that the judge is clearly shown that you are the best parent. Judges do not live with the parties and have no idea as to who is the best parent. We will develop evidence that will demonstrate that you are the best parent. We know how get the information to your attorney who will ultimately present your case and admit evidence to the court that will prove that custody should be with you.

Please call us if you have any further questions and would like to speak to an investigator to see how we may help you. Contact us 24/7. After business hours you may leave a message and we will call you back the next business
Dead Beat Parents
We have all heard the term Deadbeat Dad when referring to Dads who have abandoned their responsibilities towards their children either financially or in a custodial manner. Now this term can apply to females but in the majority of cases the Father is the payor spouse in child support matters, so we will use the term Deadbeat Dad in referring to the parent who has stopped giving the support he/she is obligated to give to the custodial parent for the kids’ sake!

WRM Security Services Inc.  Long Island Private Investigator can track down and locate your Deadbeat Dad. Deadbeat dads generally move around a lot, take off the books jobs, and live a lifestyle that makes them hard to find. Well we find them! The first part of the investigation involves a lengthy conversation between the Long Island Private Investigator and the client to obtain the “known information” on the subject of the investigation. In many cases, the client has relevant information that can be utilized to find the missing person, but they don’t know the information his helpful. We talk to you personally and take the time to get to gather the critical information about the person we are trying to find.

After obtaining the important information about the person we are locating, we process that information through our databases in order to obtain a list of likely addresses. Sometimes, the list is very short and even contains one address. Some investigations are completed by simply processing the known information on the missing person and we return a good address. In many situations, however, we return multiple possible addresses relating to the subject and proceed to the next part of the investigation.

The next step involves confirming which address is accurate with a high degree of certainty. Your Long Island Private Investigator goes out to the residences and verifies whether the address is in fact good. We use different tactics to confirm the address, ranging from simply running the license plate of the vehicle parked on the driveway to knocking on the door and visually verifying the occupants of the residence, unless we need to track them to find out their employment and other information. Your Long Island Private Investigator is here to help you get the support you deserve!
Skip Trace Investigations
Skip trace is a term used to describe an investigative process that is used by private investigator’s, skip tracers, debt collectors, bail bondsman, detectives and journalists to locate a person’s whereabouts. The term comes from the word skip referring to the person who has “skipped town” and trace or find the person who has relocated or skipped to a new location. So the investigators job is to track the person from their previous location to a new location. Most often these people are on the run trying to avoid debt collectors, court ordered judgments or are “deadbeat dads”. So the job can be difficult at times because these people don’t want to be found. They tend to move around frequently and try to work at jobs that pay off the book wages. Skip tracing a subject is done by collecting as much informational data about the person as possible. Then the investigator has to sift through the data, analyze it and verify it. The investigator conducts a comprehensive background investigation collecting the information from a number of sources such as, phone number databases, credit reports, loan applications, credit card application, debt collector databases, job applications, criminal background checks, utility bills, social security, disability, and public tax information. Sometimes it is just visiting old friends and neighbors that can lead an investigator in the right direction. Then it comes down to good old fashion detective work and long hours of surveillance.
Process Service
Need a Process Server? Are you an attorney or an individual from Nassau & Suffolk County , Long Islands looking for Process Service? WRM Security Services Inc. private investigators can help!

Process Service is when legal documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs and other court documents are delivered to the individual to whom the legal document is directed. It is important to note that the Service of Process must be served by an individual who is not a party to the case.

A process server delivers, (or serves), legal documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case. The process server must serve the documents in accordance with court directives in order for the service to be considered valid. If a service is not performed properly the court can declare it to be invalid. In that case the legal process is halted until the service is properly performed and validated by the court. When documents are served the investigator prepares for the client an Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service. This document must be notarized and given to the party who requested service and returned to the court. Remember, if the service is not performed in accordance with the law your case will not go forward or it can result in the dismissal of your case.

If you need to locate individuals to deliver and serve legal documents we can help! We are contracted with two of the finest data finding companies in the country. Our data information services are used to get hard-to-find data to serve your civil summonses quickly and efficiently. Our data information services provide us with databases, online access to public records; skip-tracing services and batching services give customers speedy access to the accurate historic and current data they require.

Hiring a Legal Process Server is an important step in proceeding with a court case. WRM Security Services Inc. provides Process Service for our clients. We are experienced in serving legal documents efficiently and in a timely manner. More importantly, our professional investigators are licensed to perform this service and knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding service of process in Nassau and Suffolk Counties Attorney’s and our do it yourself clients will find our services to be efficient and timely.
Background Checks
Do you need a background check on a nanny, future spouse, prospective renter, employee or business partner?

WRM Security Services Inc. Long Island Private Investigators work with the leading data information services companies in the nation and is capable of providing fast and comprehensive background information to private individuals, attorney’s and corporations. Our comprehensive data background searches can be customized can be tailored to fit your needs. Our Background Investigations can be conducted in the following categories:
Assets-MV, Property, Deeds, Watercraft, FAA Aircraft
Businesses- Corp. Filings –National UCC Filings, Internet Domains, Dun & Bradstreet, Delaware Corporations, Business Instant ID and Business in the News
Courts-Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Criminal Records-Dept. of Corrections, Arrest Logs, Court Records and Sexual Offenders, Civil Courts, Florida Accidents, Patriot Act Data Base, Marriage & Divorce Records, Liens & Judgments
Licenses-Driver Licenses, Professional Licenses, FAA Pilots, Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Concealed Weapon Permits, Voter Registrations, Federal Firearms & Explosives, DEA Controlled Substances and Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR Reports)
People-Person Search- Simple & Advanced, People at Work, People In the News, E-Mail Addresses
Phones-Phone Plus and Basic look-up, Reverse Look-up and Canadian Phones.
Credit Reports- Individual credit reports, employment verification, SSN verification, Tenant Screening or Nanny/Babysitter Screening.

Call us and let of our trained investigators tailor a background investigation and or a simple search that fits your needs.
Intellectual Property Investigations
Intellectual property is creations of the mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. IP includes but is not limited to proprietary formulas and ideas, inventions (products and processes), industrial designs, and geographic indications of source, as well as literary and artistic works such as novels, films, music, architectural designs and web pages. Trademark law protects an owner’s right to use marks that distinguish its goods or services from others and to prevent others from using marks that are likely to cause confusion. In particular, trademarks symbolize the goodwill associated with particular products and the businesses for which the marks are used. Trademark law protects this goodwill and consumers’ ability to accurately ascertain the source of goods and services.

WRM Security Services Inc. Long Island Private investigators are experts in conducting intellectual property investigations, surveillance and confiscations  through-out Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island as well as NYC  to protect your company’s trademark registered creations. Our investigators will work together with you and your company’s attorney and investigators to assist you in investigating incidents of trademark counterfeiting and help you enforce civil court orders to seize and confiscate the counterfeits. We will work in conjunction with local law enforcement officers in the criminal prosecution of individuals who are selling transporting and manufacturing trademark protected merchandise.

Our investigators and security officers will execute Civil Seizure Orders and assist local law enforcement officers in the criminal seizures and prosecution of these individuals. Many times it is our investigation that results in local law enforcement participation. We are trained in  trademark identification and are often called upon to assist local law enforcement and prosecutor in building a case for future prosecution. We have experience in civil seizures and investigations with many of the high-end fashion merchandise manufacturers on the market today and have assisted local law enforcement in confiscations and prosecutions.
Criminal Defense
Our private investigators assist individuals or attorneys in preparing for civil & criminal defenses by locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence. These investigations will help your attorney in collecting and gathering and documenting evidence for civil or criminal litigation. We will assist by taking evidentiary photographs and video, testifying in court, and assembling evidence and reports for your  trial. The lead Investigators are retired New York City Police Officers and we will hire assisting investigators that have prior law enforcement backgrounds. Call us today for help in securing the evidence you will need to win in court.
A lawsuit is a civil action brought before a court of law in which a plaintiff, a party who claims to have received damages from a defendant’s actions, seeks a legal or equitable remedy. The defendant is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaint. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment will be given in the plaintiff’s favor, and a range of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, award damages, or impose an injunction to prevent an act or compel an act. A declaratory judgment may be issued to prevent future legal disputes.

WRM Security Services Inc. is a Long Island, New York based investigative agency that provides investigative services to  Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island  attorneys or individuals who may be either a plaintiff or a defendant. Our job is to provide as much evidence to the defendants or plaintiffs or their attorneys to prove or disprove the charges. Each and every case is different and the methods implemented will vary on a case by case basis. Our investigative methods will range from simple interviews to undercover surveillance. Accurate case reports are completed and supplied to our clients for future court testimony.
Asset Searches
There are clearly situations in which it is essential for Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island residents to use a Long Island Private Investigator to check for the possibility of hidden assets. Knowledge of such assets can make a big difference in the establishment of grounds for particular types of interpersonal actions or the furthering of certain business relationships here on Long Island. An asset search is vital to full disclosure of resources in a variety of civil and personal matters.
If your situation allows for an Asset Investigation to be undertaken the following items may be uncovered:

Bank Accounts (Savings, Checking, Money Market, and Safe Deposit Accounts).
Brokerage Accounts (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Securities Accounts).
UCC Filings, Liens, and Judgments.
Business Ownership (LLC’s Associations, DBA’s, and Incorporations).
Real Estate (land, residence, rentals, mobile homes, trailers).
Current Income from Employer
Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft, Motorcycles, RV Trailers, and Commercial Vehicles.
Miscellaneous Sources (Insurance settlements, lottery winnings, rental property).
Credit Reports
WRM Security Services Inc. Long Island, New York private investigators can help assist Nassau and Suffolk County, NY residents, property owners and business owners evaluate potential employees, renters and nannies/babysitters.

We can run credit reports and background checks on individuals that you are considering as future tenants, employees, business partners, future spouses and nanny’s. These are important decisions that no one should leave to chance. We will also provide complete employment verifications and reference checks. Call us today and we will design a plan to fit your needs.
WRM Security Services Inc. Long Island’s premier private investigation agency serves the residents and business owners of Nassau and Suffolk County and have conducted many successful surveillance operations. Most cases require a certain percentage of covert surveillance and of course good old fashion detective work.   Our private investigators utilize the latest technology in the security field to help protect you and your family and to provide you with an efficient, confidential and discreet private investigations. There are many tools at our disposal to increase the success of our investigations and provide our clients with accurate reliable information. Below are some examples of the devices used successfully by our investigators in the past to help our clients. Each and every investigation is unique and requires proper evaluation. The devices described below provide us a technological advantage and only assist us in conducting your investigation. A trained investigator is still needed for its deployment and for a thorough investigative evaluation of the data it develops. Call us to discuss your investigative or security needs. Thank you for visiting our website
Body Worn Cameras
There are many types of recording devices available for use by a private investigator today. Body Worn Video Camera Recording Devices have found to be extremely useful to secretly to record individuals and events. They are the ultimate in stealth, on-the-go surveillance equipment. As small and covert as a button or a pair of sunglasses, body worn cameras offer unparalleled mobility along with dependable audio and video recording. These cameras can be deployed on our investigators or placed in locations to record events as they unfold. They are covert in nature and are perfect for high-pressure situations.
GPS Tracking Devices
Vehicle tracking units can be deployed to assist in investigations where it is necessary to track the whereabouts of individuals utilizing a motor vehicle. Today’s GPS Tracking Devices can be covertly attached to a vehicle to track it’s every movement. We have successfully utilized these devices in the past to track the movements of individuals suspected of marital infidelity. Our tracking system enables us access the device’s GPS location from anywhere in the world and watch its movement in real-time. We are able to zoom in on the map for the exact street location and speed. We are able to check the real-time GPS tracking locations as well as check historical data. This enables us to compare and contrast past locations to current locations and notice trends. Installation of these devices can actually save time by eliminating unnecessary surveillance and investigative time. The device allows us to pinpoint our targets efficiently and accurately saving time and enables us to close the investigation in a timely manner saving our clients time and money.
Computer Spy Equipment
Covertly record everything a person does on a computer. We can help you install devices that can help. Computer spying tools are designed to covertly record all computer activity including passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, and websites visited. These devices will find out what is really happening on your computer when you’re not around.
Is A Close Family Member Doing Suspicious Activity?
Employees Wasting Company Time
Covertly Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity
Keep Track Of Your Teenager’s Instant Messaging
Quickly Gather Proof For Legal Battles
Investigate Suspicious Activity On Any Computer
Computer Porn Detectors
The device will monitor porn usage and track internet activity to locate pornographic images with up to 99% accuracy, even if the images were deleted. After you’ve searched your computer for pornographic images, the device lets you wipe your computer clean of any illicit images.

Find out what people are really doing on your computer
Track internet activity and scan your entire computer for pornographic images 99% accurate
Monitors porn usage, even if the pictures were deleted
Completely covert and leaves no trace of search
Find out if your kids are downloading porn
See what your employees are really doing on company time
Find out if porn got onto your computer accidentally
Be secure in knowing exactly what is hiding on your hard drive
Hidden Spy Cameras
There is an array of hidden camera devices on the market today that can be used to in your home or office to record suspicious activity. Let our security investigators help you decide what is the best option or device to help you. We can help you by installing these covert hidden cameras in your home or office.

These devices can be used to monitor your home or office when unoccupied
To find out who’s been sneaking around rooms
To keep an eye on children
To monitor nannies or babysitters
To protect valuables
Tenant Screening Background Checks
WRM Security Services Inc. can conduct a comprehensive background check on your prospective Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island tenant. Our tenant screening report will help you make a sound choice that is based on facts. No guessing and worrying if your tenant has the ability to pay the rent or has had past issues of eviction, judgments or arrests. It is simple, fast and can save you thousands of dollars. Many home owners today are converting portions of their home to rental apartments to help balance monthly budgets. The last thing anyone needs is a deadbeat who refuses to pay rent and forces you into eviction proceedings. Who you trust living with you and your family is an important decision. Let us help. It is important to have as know as much information as possible about the person before rent your apartment and allow them access to your property.

To help landlords WRM Security Services Inc. offers a comprehensive background screening on your prospective tenant. This report will include valuable information about the particular person you considering as a tenant. Our investigative report will include the following:
Criminal Records Search
Sexual Offender Search
Credit Check
Application Verification

In addition we will conduct:

Employment Verification
Personal Reference Checks
Previous Landlords Interviews

As you can see our report is quite extensive. You will know everything you need to know about the person you are interviewing as a tenant. You may end up knowing more about them than they even remember about themselves. When you have completed your initial interview process and gathered all pedigree information call us with the following information:

We will need at minimum the following information to begin your search:

Full Name: first, Middle, Last
Date of Birth
Previous employers
Copy of drivers License (if applicable)
Completed Employment  Application

In just 7 to 10 days we will provide a clear and concise report with all the information you will need to make the best choice on your future tenant and potential save you thousand in the long run. Call us today and we will help you to get started.

Nanny and Babysitter Background Checks
WRM Security Services Inc. can conduct a comprehensive background check on your nanny or babysitter. Who you trust with the care of your children while you are working , out of town on business or just out for the evening is one of the most important decisions parents make. We love our children and expect that the people we hire will care for them as we do. So it is important to have as know as much information as possible about the person before you hire them and allow into our homes and care for our children.

To help parents WRM Security Services Inc. offers a comprehensive background check on nanny’s and or babysitters. This report will include valuable information about the particular person you would like to hire. Our tailored report will include the following:

Criminal Records Search
Sexual Offender Search
Concealed Weapons Permits
Credit Check
Application Verification
Driver License
Professional Licenses
Vehicle Registrations
Relatives ( 3 Degrees)
Summary Report
Possible previous places of employment
Reference Checks

As you can see our report is quite extensive. You will know everything you need to know about the person interviewing for the position of caretaker for your children. Perhaps you may know more about them than they even remember about themselves. When you have completed your initial interview process and gathered all pedigree information call us.

We will need at minimum the following information to begin your search:
1. Full Name: first, Middle, Last
2. Date of Birth
3. SSN
4. Previous employers
5. References
6. Copy of drivers License( if you plan to have them drive your children)
7. Completed Employment Application

In just 7 to 10 days we will provide a clear and concise report with all the information you will need to make the best choice of who you will trust with the care safety of your children. Call us today and we will help you to get started.
Child Support Investigations:
We receive many calls from clients through-out Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island to conduct investigations on “Dead Beat Parents” these are the individuals who fail to provide adequate child support for their children.

Have you had a previous partner who you were either married or living in a family type relationship and have a child in- common. Your ex-partner has moved on with his or her life leaving you with the burden of caring for the child. He or she refuses to pay their fair share of support. You have been to family court or are going to for the first time. When you go you know he or she will tell the court that he or she is not working. You know they are. They are working off the books. Maybe they work part time on the books, but make most of their off the books. Does this sound familiar? Well, it is quite familiar. As a matter of fact we handle many cases like this. What can you do?

We can help by conducting  family court investigation that will provide you and your attorney will the evidence you will need to prove that your former husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is capable of providing additional monies to help you care for your children. In many cases we are subpoenaed to court to testify on the evidence that was uncovered during our investigation. Our team of surveillance experts will uncover the facts surrounding the “Deadbeat Dad” or “Deadbeat Mom” and help you and your attorney win in court.

According to the US Census Bureau  only 47.3% of custodial mothers (as “obligees”) received all child support that they were owed and 77.5% received some. Additionally, 46.2% of custodial fathers (as “obligees”) received all child support that they were owed and 74.5% received some.

Where do you fall in the above statistics? As you can see, more than half of obligees do not receives all their child support.

If you feel we can help give us a call or visit our website. We have helped others prove that they are entitled to more or helped them find and un-supporting parent.
Cheating Spouse Investigations
Surveillance Monitoring conducted by Long Island, NY private investigator. We service clients throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, New York. We enjoy working with clients from Long Island, NY but do services clients who have situations in Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Manhattan NY and Staten Island NY. We are just a phone call away.

Have you become suspicious of the whereabouts of your husband, wife boyfriend or girlfriend? Does he or she disappear for days at a time without notice? Have they been working late more and more often? When questioned do they become defensive and argumentative? If you are asking the question or your intuition (gut feeling) tells you that something is not right you may be on to something. If you think something might be going on and you are completely prepared to hear the truth then contacting a private investigator to help is a good idea.

WRM Security Services Inc. can help! We are Long Island’s premier private investigation agency and are experienced in conducting surveillance monitoring of a suspected “cheating spouse”. Today’s modern technologies allow us to begin these investigations with minimum cost to you. If suspicious activity is discovered we then will put investigators in the field to gather evidence. Call us today for a free consultation. We will discuss your options and costs. You can trust us to act discretely and with the utmost integrity
Business Employer Investigations
WRM Security Services Inc. Long Islands Premier private investigation agency can help your Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island business  keep your employees honest. Corporations and business owners are now looking for new ways to ensure that their employees are using employer offered benefit programs honestly and with integrity. Our investigators can help business owners track abusive employees who are milking the system.

Every office has them, loafers who abuse sick time. Recent studies have found that 57% of salaried employees take sick time when they are not sick. People call out sick when they are perfectly well enough to work. This behavior costs companies money in lost productivity. In addition, this type of employee behavior can drag down morale and make everyone else work harder.

Another area of abuse that companies and business owners can face is the medical leave abuser or malingerer. Employers sometimes become doubtful of an employee’s slow recovery and delayed return to work while on paid medical leave. With a little investigation by our investigative team can produce information that will prove that an employee is fully capable of performing his or her job. This type of documentation can be used to form a basis of termination or the information can be presented to the suspect employee. When presented properly it miraculously speeds up the recovery process and gets your employee back to work very quickly.

Business owners can now hire a private investigations company to look into their employees. Most employees out there are good workers who perform their duties with honesty and integrity but, all companies have them. They are bad apples that take advantage and abuse the system. These are the ones that we wish we never hired. We can help! Our investigators can help you determine who is a malingerer. We can help you build a case for disciplinary action or termination.

A recent case of employer snooping and termination was dismissed by a federal appeals court. The court stated that the surveillance “may not be a preferred employers behavior,” it wasn’t illegal if “reasonable suspicion exists.” So if you are interested in contacting a private investigator to help your company or business, but were afraid that it might not be legal give us a call and lets us examine the evidence. We will help you determine if you are being reasonable. If reasonable suspicion exists we can proceed. Remember termination is not always the answer. Sometimes correcting the bad employee behavior and saving the job can go a long way in improving your business.
Back Ground Investigation Checks on a future Spouse
Many individuals are seeking advice from private investigators today to conduct background checks on future spouses. This is a very good idea because for a small amount of money and a little time you can be saved from financial ruin. A background check will reveal the current financial status of a future mate. The checks can reveal liens and judgments, bankruptcies, IRS Liens, criminal records, sexual offenses and properties owned. It will also allow you to verify information your future spouse has already told you. This in extremely valuable information one should have prior to getting married. People should never rush into a marriage and each person should be confident that they really know the person they are about to marry. Be confident that you are protecting your assets and check out their future partners assets or lack before entering into a marriage. We can conduct a Comprehensive Background report on your future mate. Don’t be the next victim. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Protect yourself and your assets. Call or e-mail us for background report fees.

Background checks can be completed via e-mail. Your report can be sent to your e-mail in the form of a PDF file. We accept payment via PayPal on our website.
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations
WRM Security Services Inc.  private investigators can help Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island  business owners, claims adjusters, third party administrators and self insures investigate fraudulent claims. Our investigators will conduct undercover physical surveillance utilizing the latest technologies such as GPS Tacking Devices, night vision recording, digital video and photography and a host of other electronic surveillance devices to uncover and record fraud.

Arising Out of Employment, or in the Course of Employment investigations (AOE/COE) is a critical phase of the claims process. Hiring a Private investigator to conduct surveillance, conduct interviews, obtain witness statements and record the fraud leads to successful defense of claims.

We guarantee timely, thorough, information packed AOE/COE investigation. If you should need any additional information about our AOE/COE investigations please call us anytime.
Divorce Investigations
Hiring a Private investigator can  be instrumental in your Long Island divorce case. We discover and obtain facts in a form that is useful to the court and admissible into evidence. We do so be providing witnesses and documents to prove facts that are otherwise impossible to obtain or very difficult to prove. A Long Island Private Investigator should be part of your and your attorney’s strategy to win the case that might otherwise be impossible to win. The biggest problem in most cases is not that the parties don’t know what is actually occurring, but that the injured party doesn’t have any credible witnesses or documents to prove it.

We can help with proving grounds for Long Island divorce, proving a parent unfit, finding hidden property or income, showing why a parent must be supervised during visitation, providing evidence to show one party is lying about facts they have introduced, proving adultery, prove a party’s violent tendencies or illegal behavior, and much more. This Long Island Private Investigator is not focused on getting dirt on your adversary, we believe in working with your attorney to give you demonstrable evidence to help your case to its rightful end. We also take every precaution to make sure we do not tip off the other party that they are being investigated. Our numerous years in service in Nassau & Suffolk Counties, Long Island are proof of our effectiveness. Hiring a private investigator may seem like a grueling process, we aim to take the sting out of that process and work with you and your attorney for a fair solution within a reasonable budget
Due Diligence Investigations
Here on Long Island, the economy is the last to recede and the first to recover and during both periods, businesses come and go and some change drastically to survive or thrive in these times. So you may ask, what is the correlation between a Private Investigator here on Long Island and these business dynamics? Let me explain!

In most changes in a business, new partners are added, new ventures are formed, or other businesses are acquired. In the era of corporate greed and fiscal irresponsibility, do you really know who you are getting involved with here on Long Island?

If you are considering taking on a new partner, just checking his or her references and looking at his or her bank statements and resume will not reveal what might actually be going on for that person. In order to protect your Long Island business, hiring a Private Investigator to conduct a background check, can prove to be a life saver. We can check the individual’s criminal history; verify his or her assets and liabilities; confirm the facts on their resume; discover the history of any civil lawsuits or bankruptcy involving that individual or any of his or her previous businesses. We are geared to make sure that you make a wise choice in taking on a new partner in your Long Island business.

These same services apply to buying a new business or acquiring another business. We can find out not only the history of that business but of its principals as well. You don’t want to acquire a business that will kill your reputation here on Long Island, or even worse, that you would inherit their problems. Using a private investigator here on Long Island can give you the reassurance you need to make a wise decision. We will gladly work with your attorney during the due diligence period to ensure your success.
Workers’ Compensation Cases – Personal Injury
WRM Security Services Inc. private investigator can assist Nassau & Suffolk County  attorneys, businesses and individuals who have been injured from no fault of their own in obtaining all background information needed for your case. Our trained investigators will document the accident scene, interview witness and take statements, obtain police documentation and any other supporting supplementary documentation. We have been hired in the past to conduct surveillance on individuals claiming fraudulent injuries. Before you pay a claim surveillance can uncover a claimant’s current physical abilities or current working behaviors. Video surveillance can be a valuable piece of evidence submitted prior to paying and claim. Our data bases can conduct social security checks for background information on claimant’s previous litigations, assets or criminal history.
Missing Person Investigations
WRM Security Services Inc. is a Long Island, New York Private Investigations agency. We service all areas of Long Island, NY throughout both Nassau County & Suffolk County and can help find your missing person.

WRM Security Services Inc. can assist individuals in locating missing people. People go missing for many reasons and sometimes it is voluntarily and at other times it is under suspicious circumstances. People sometimes run from stressful situations. Maybe they owe money or have committed a crime. People go missing for many reasons ranging from personal, business and legal situations. We can assist in locating runaways, lost loved ones and friends, missing children, kidnapping victims and fugitives. We are former New York police investigators that reside in Long Island and can assist local police in their efforts to locate the missing person. We are connected to a wide range of data bases that store information on all of us. As a private investigator we are given access to this sensitive information to help us locate individuals.

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